ICV Awareness Session

ICV Awareness Sessions

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding In-Country Value (ICV) Awareness sessions over the next few months. The sessions are aimed at vendors to the Energy sector and will cover the following: 

  • Overview of ICV 
  • ICV procurement integration 
  • ICV governance 
  • ICV enablers 
  • ICV Scorecard template walk-through 
ICV Certifiers will also be available on the day to answer any additional technical questions that vendors may have


Schedule and agenda of the ICV Awareness Session




In order to register for one of the sessions, kindly select your preferred date from the list below. Once selected, you will be redirected to a registration page to provide your contact information. Once completed, you will receive a confirmation email. 

Kindly note that due to limited capacity we would like to request that you limit attendance to 3 people per company and ensure each attendee registers for the session. We would recommend to have at least one finance representative and one procurement or supply chain representative present from your respective company.

ICV Awareness
Session #6
28 January 2020 QP HQ, World Trade Centre (Halul 1) Register
ICV Awareness
Session #7
10 February 2020

QP HQ, World Trade Centre (Halul 1)

ICV Awareness
Session #8
16 March 2020 QP HQ, World Trade Centre (Halul 1) Register
ICV Awareness
Session #9
31 March 2020 QP HQ, World Trade Centre (Halul 1) Register


Tawteen is led by Qatar Petroleum with the participation of all the companies in the Energy sector in Qatar. These companies are engaged in the business of oil, gas, petrochemicals, fertilizers, metals and power generation. The list of companies in the Energy sector is as listed below.
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