ICV Certification

What is an ICV Certification?
In-Country Value (“ICV”) is an initiative, under the Tawteen program, designed to boost suppliers' contribution to the local economy by localizing procurement spend, participating in the development of local talent and suppliers and promoting in-country private investment.

There are 2 critical ICV inputs which will be used throughout the end-to-end procurement process:
  • The ICV scorecard: a historical view based on the past year financial data, of the supplier’s achieved ICV in their business operations. The ICV scorecard shall be renewed annually, at a minimum. The ICV scorecard is submitted during the tendering process and generally applies for the majority of contracts in the energy sector.
  • The ICV plan: a forward-looking view, based on the supplier’s planned spend, of the supplier’s forecasted ICV contribution during the contract execution. The ICV Plan is submitted per contract and generally applies to selected contracts.
To learn more about how ICV Certification impacts the procurement process please visit this page.
The ICV certificate is the output of the certification process to accurately and fairly validate supplier’s ICV score. Suppliers are required to get their ICV scorecards and plans certified by pre-approved independent certifiers. The steps for obtaining an ICV certificate is as follows:
Governance of the ICV Certification Process
Tawteen has put in place a governance structure to ensure transparency, quality and consistency of interpretation of the ICV program.


What is an ICV Certifier?
Tawteen will appoint up to 10 ICV Certifiers that will act as a third-party independent bodies that will certify the ICV scorecards and plans submitted by suppliers. Their main responsibilities are to:
  1. Perform test procedures according to the current version of the ICV Agreed-Upon Procedures and ensure that the information input by the supplier in the ICV templates is in line with the current version of the ICV Supplier Submission Guidelines, and the latest audited financial statements.
  2. Issue a factual findings report (AUP Report) in accordance with ISRS 4400, which includes detailed findings on each of the Agreed-Upon Procedures performed. The detailed findings in the AUP Report must be appropriately reflected in the ICV certificate.
  3. Attend and contribute to the ICV Certifiers panel bi-weekly meeting
The 10 ICV Certifiers will be responsible for conducting certifications on suppliers’ ICV scorecards and plans within their assigned Tier Group. The supplier size will dictate the ICV Certifier that can be selected by the supplier for the ICV certification process.
How to apply?

For more information, please visit Tawteen service center:
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Annex Building, 6th Floor
7:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Contact us on: info@tawteen.com.qa
Or call: +974 40136477
ICV Purpose & Definition
The ICV policy serves to drive localization priorities in Qatar
Implementation of ICV
Understanding how ICV will be used in the procurement process
ICV Formula & Calculation
Understanding the components and calculation of the in-country value formula
ICV Tools & Templates
ICV toolkit (tools, templates, guidelines) to support your interactions with us relating to ICV


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