ICV Certification

ICV Certifiers

Alok K. Saksena Auditing and Accounting
Naresh Dasari
Mobile: +974 6603 9427
Telephone: +974 4417 2674
Email: naresh@aksaa.qa
Website: www.aksaa.qa

Kreston SVP Chartered Accountants
Sheji Valiyakath
Mobile: +974 66688575
Telephone: +974 33163774
Email: ICV@krestonsvp.com
Website: www.krestonsvp.com

Morison & Kuriachan Kuriakose Chartered Accountants
Jobin Thomas
Mobile: +974 55815975
Telephone: +974 44670299/+974 44670982
Email: ICV@morisonqatar.com
Website: www.morisonqatar.com

Yasser A. Haikal Auditing & Accounting
Mohamed Ibrahim Mostafa Amer
Mobile: +974 50701507
Telephone: +974 44423159
Email: ICV@yhaikal.com
Website: www.yhaikal.com

Eisa Mohd. Alderbasti Accounting And Auditing
Fawaz Ul Huck
Mobile: +974 5580 8933
Telephone: +974 4442 0707
Email: admin@alderbasti.com.qa
Website: www.alderbasti.com.qa

Jaber Bin Ali Alhedfa & Partner, Chartered Accountants
Nader Abou Zahra
Mobile: +974 33708630
Telephone: +974 44911893
Email: nader@jbapartner.com
Website: www.jbapartner.com

Talal Abu Ghazaleh & Co
Subramaniyam Kumareson
Mobile: +974 4442 4024
Telephone: +974 4442 4023
Email: tagco.qatar@tagi.com
Website: www.tagi.com

Dr Sultan Hassan Al Dosari Auditing and Advisory (Member Firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd)
Khan Ashraf Ahamed
Mobile: +974 33109951
Telephone: +974 44319112
Email: Khan.ashraf@qa.gt.com
Website: www.grantthornton.qa

Rodl & Partner - Qatar Branch
Mildred Remolano
Mobile: +974 30285945
Telephone: +974 44311881
Email: mildred.remolano@rodlme.com
Website: www.rodlme.com

Deloitte & Touche – Qatar Branch
Rakhi Karikkat
Mobile: +974 66092523
Telephone: +974 44341112
Email: icvqatar@deloitte.com
Website: www.deloitte.com

Ernst & Young – (Qatar Branch)
Clint D Fadera
Mobile: +974 50056442
Telephone: +974 44574144
Email: icv.qatar@qa.ey.com
Website: www.ey.com

Mohammed Fauzaan
Mobile: +974 33787175
Telephone: +974 44576444
Email: qa-dlicvteam@kpmg.com
Website: https://home.kpmg/qa/en/home.html

What is ICV Certification? 

The ICV Certification is an independent third-party review of the supplier’s ICV submission template (for ICV Scorecard and Plan) which includes the ICV Contribution. 

To learn more about the ICV Scorecard and Plan please visit the ICV Tools and Templates page. 

Suppliers are required to get their ICV Scorecards and Plans certified by pre-approved independent ICV Certifiers. The steps for obtaining an ICV Certificate are as follows: 

Why do we need ICV Certification?  

  1. To ensure integrity of the information provided by suppliers in terms of ICV Contribution  
  2. To ensure suppliers’ ICV scores are evidence-based and calculated according to the pre-defined methodologies 

Governance of the ICV Certification Process 

Tawteen has put in place a governance structure to ensure transparency, quality and consistency of interpretation of the ICV program. 



What is an ICV Certifier? 

ICV Certifiers will act as third-party independent bodies that will certify the ICV Scorecards and Plans submitted by suppliers. Their main responsibilities are to: 

  1. Perform test procedures and review information provided by suppliers 
  2. Issue Factual Finding Reports, which include the ICV Certificates 
  3. Attend and contribute to the ICV Certifiers panel bi-weekly meetings 
  4. Provide access to Tawteen to review working papers 

ICV Certifiers are appointed by Tawteen, and suppliers can only get certified through the appointed ICV Certifiers listed above.  


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