QatarEnergy launches Tawteen In-Country Value Digital Portal

QatarEnergy launches Tawteen In-Country Value Digital Portal
DOHA, Qatar • 30 March 2022 – QatarEnergy has announced the launch of Tawteen In-Country Value Digital Portal as part of Tawteen’s efforts to enhance the localization of services and industries in Qatar’s energy sector. 

Implemented in July 2020, the In-Country Value (ICV) program was designed to transform the energy sector’s procurement process by giving a competitive advantage in the bidding process to suppliers and contractors who contribute more to the local economy.

Registered suppliers and contractors will now be able to use the portal to engage with certifiers to obtain their ICV Scorecard and ICV Plan Certification, and to access the ICV certified suppliers’ database. They will also be able to monitor and track their performance and compare it to the industry average.

More than 1000 ICV Scorecard certificates were issued since the launch of the program and more than 950 suppliers are currently registered on the ICV Digital Portal. All existing ICV Scorecards have been migrated into The ICV Digital Portal and scores will be dynamically refreshed to accommodate newly certified sub-suppliers into existing scorecards. 

The In-Country Value program is a key component of Tawteen and its localization efforts. The creation of The ICV Digital Portal will transform Tawteen’s manual and extensive process into a digitized platform offering a wide range of information and features. The ICV digital portal will also enable the establishment of a sustainable and competitive base of suppliers to meet the requirements of the energy sector and support the growth and diversification of Qatar’s economy.

Led and initiated by QatarEnergy, the localization program for services and industries in Qatar’s energy sector “Tawteen” aims primarily to foster the development of the energy sector’s local supply chain, expand the small and medium enterprises’ base in Qatar, and maximize the sustainable in country value creation. 

For more information on Tawteen and its ICV program, visit or email
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Tawteen is led by QatarEnergy with the participation of all the companies in the Energy sector in Qatar. These companies are engaged in the business of oil, gas, petrochemicals, fertilizers, metals and power generation. The list of companies in the Energy sector is as listed below.
1 QatarEnergy2 Qatar Gas3 Qapco4 Qafco5 North Oil Company6 Shell8 Qatar Steel9 Oryx GTL10 Total11 Dolphin Energy12 Qatalum13 QChem14 Qafac17 Qatar Electricity Water
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QatarEnergy is an integrated National Oil Corporation responsible for the sustainable development of the oil and gas industry in the State of Qatar. QatarEnergy's activities encompass the entire spectrum of the oil and gas value chain locally, regionally, and internationally, and include exploration, production, processing, marketing and sales of oil and gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), natural gas liquids (NGL), gas to liquids (GTL) products, refined products, petrochemicals, fertilizers, steel and aluminum.

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