Talent Development Program

Talent Development
As the Energy industry is technologically demanding and continues to evolve, QatarEnergy recognizes that Suppliers and Contractors require to continually develop capabilities in order to be able to meet the requirements of the Energy sector. As part of Tawteen, QatarEnergy is launching three talent development initiatives and we encourage Suppliers and Contractors to take advantage of these to improve your capabilities and competitiveness. The details of these initiatives are as follows:
  1. a) Apprenticeship On the Job Training (OJT): This OJT program is intended to provide university graduates  an opportunity to undertake short term on job training in any of the participating international companies (with Tawteen) in order to improve their prospects for securing jobs in the private sector.. The OJT program is open to non-National residents in Qatar. A formal list of OJT opportunities will be published regularly and graduates can apply for these as per the information provided.
  1. b) Exchange Program: This is a mobility program which is intended to provide employees, currently working with Energy sector suppliers and contractors, an opportunity to gain practical technical experience in the operating environment of the leading multi-national companies participating in the program. The program will typically consist of short and medium term assignments. Further information and implementation process will be announced once finalized. 
  1. c) Sharing of Training Programs: Employees from suppliers and contractors can participate in the training programs of the leading international service companies. Information on the training programs will be available on the Training Portal which will serve as a central platform for Tawteen training.  

Training Support Platform
Tawteen is collaborating with several multi-national companies to offer suppliers training opportunities. These opportunities will be published in...
Local Supplier Development Program
One of the major priorities under Tawteen is the development of local suppliers through set of key support initiatives


Tawteen is led by QatarEnergy with the participation of all the companies in the Energy sector in Qatar. These companies are engaged in the business of oil, gas, petrochemicals, fertilizers, metals and power generation. The list of companies in the Energy sector is as listed below.
1 QatarEnergy2 Qatar Gas3 Qapco4 Qafco5 North Oil Company6 Shell8 Qatar Steel9 Oryx GTL10 Total11 Dolphin Energy12 Qatalum13 QChem14 Qafac17 Qatar Electricity Water
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